Who We Are


About ICP

Innovative Capital Partners was founded by a dynamic leadership team with decades of payment processing expertise and proven entrepreneurial success. With a focus on technology innovation and corporate scalability our team helps you target merchants operating in the e-commerce, retail, and barter economies of the United States.

In order to develop and sustain a strong merchant portfolio, Innovative Capital Partners aids in the construction of a multi- channel sales approach. We concentrate on doing business with the end merchant in mind and empowering our partners with the tools to deliver.

We prepare you to handle innovative merchants, crafting processes to offer consumers credit card processing capabilities as well as alternative payment methods. Each alternative payment method has its own unique application and settlement process, which is subject to certain domestic rules and regulations, that can hinder customer experience without thoughtful system construction. Innovative Capital Partners can effectively utilize our expertise to guide you and your merchants in these industry alternatives and regulations.

The Innovative Capital Partners leadership team has been closely involved with several significant payment processing transactions as the market continues to consolidate. These consolidations shift larger firms’ focus to their servicing mid-market, large, and mega merchants, leaving an opportunity for your firm to capture the small- and mid- size businesses (SMB) and micro merchants. The SMB segment of the market has long been the fastest growing and largest opportunity for revenue yet is consistently unserved by larger institutions due to its ever-changing nature and innovation requirements. SMB merchants are next generation enterprise merchants, changing the status quo and requiring the highest level of support as they develop products and services. Innovation Capital Partners can help you understand these needs and capture SMB merchants.